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Party rules and regulations

We ask that the party host families thoroughly read the following rules and regulations regarding our parties prior to booking your party and placing non-refundable deposit.

We strive to provide the BEST and SAFEST birthday party for your child's special day!

What you need to know PRIOR TO your Gym World Birthday Party:

- Our birthday parties are booked for a total of 2 hours of time. You may book additional time if you would like. Due to potential scheduling constraints, this would need to be done at the time of booking.

- We require ½ of party subtotal as non-refundable, non-transferable deposit to reserve your party time. 

- Birthday Party host family may arrive 15 minutes before the start of the party to begin setting up and greeting their guests. Your Party Coordinator will need to check the attendance against the online waivers for all participating guests.

- We provide paper products, utensils and table covering. Your Party Coordinator will contact you shortly after party booking to ask if there is a specific table covering color you would prefer (red, purple, blue or yellow). If you have a specific theme, you may bring your own table coverings, etc.

- We provide water and lemonade for all party guests.

- You may bring cake, cupcakes etc. We do have a refrigerator for your use. Food must be ONLY for child party guests, not adults. Party host is not responsible for serving any food. 

 * Please be aware of time limitations when planning your party food. Any party that runs over the scheduled time will incur an additional 1/2 hour charge.

-You may bring balloons and extra decorations. NO glitter or confetti. You are responsible for removal/disposal of your decorations.

- We require ALL party participants to fill out our Online Waiver prior party start time. This online registration link will be provided to the birthday host family.

- All children under the age of 18 who are participating by being on the gym floor or equipment are considered in the final number of guests.  The party package includes 11 total guests.  You will be charged $10 extra per additional guest up to a maximum of twenty guests. *Any guest more than 20 will incur an additional $40 per guest charge.

- Underage guests not participating in the organized party activities are not permitted on any gymnastics equipment.

 - Special note - our party room is on the second floor, accessible only by stairs: not wheelchair accessible. 

What you need to know DURING your Gym World Birthday Party:

- We know the birthday king or queen is excited! But for the safety of all our guests, they may not play on the equipment until the start of the party and your Party Coordinator says it is okay.

- Your Party Coordinator will lead in super-fun, organized, age-appropriate activities in the gym for 90 minutes and help the birthday family with celebrations in the Party Room for the remaining 30 minutes.

- Do not move any equipment or change settings of any equipment.

- Destructive behavior or use of equipment for any reason other than its intended use will not be tolerated.

- Horseplay, wrestling, fighting of any kind will not be tolerated. Your child’s safety is our top priority.

- When the Party Coordinator moves the celebration to the Party Room, no guests or participants are allowed to play on any equipment without supervision by a Gym World employee. This also applies when the party has concluded.

What you need to know AFTER your Gym World Birthday Party:

- “Reasonable” clean-up is provided by your Party Coordinator. If your Party Coordinator deems that an excessive amount of clean-up is needed, you may be charged an additional fee of $50 for the extra clean-up time incurred.

- You will be billed for any balance due as well any overages that may not have been anticipated prior to party start (i.e., add'l guests). These charges will be reflected on a final bill which you will be asked to review and sign.

- Due to scheduling of additional parties, we allow 10 minutes after the end of your party time to exit the building. Additional time past 10 minutes will incur an additional charge of 1/2 hour.

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